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Hall of Fame Class of 2014

Bobby Awrey
Saginaw Valley, 2006-2008

"I helped birth "Death Valley" and some of my best memories were getting the crowd rocking with headshots, great catches, and suicide charges that sometimes didn't end in getting out at all."

Number: 4
Hometown: Saginaw, MI

Post Dodgeball: I am currently working as an Occupational Therapist in Nashville, TN and continue to stay involved in athletics playing in kickball leagues and doing triathlons. I am married and my wife and I met in Las Vegas over New Year's at the World Series of Beer Pong.

Fun Fact: Between my two seasons on the SVSU dodgeball team (Summer 2007) I played football for Team USA in the World Championships of American Football in Tokyo, Japan where we won the gold medal. I played receiver as well as returner and I was voted to the All World Team as a Kick and Punt Returner including returning two kicks for touchdowns in the tournament.

I first heard about a dodgeball team starting up by reading a short article in the Valley Vanguard [SVSU’s school newspaper].  I had just finished my senior year of football for SV and I was craving more competition so I called up Bryan Janick who was putting a team together. He told me to stop by the next practice session and I was in love with the sport from the first practice.  From that point I helped Bryan to recruit more teammates, organize practices and drills, and to help others develop various throws and offensive/defensive techniques.  For the first two years in SVSU dodgeball history Bryan and I were co-captains.  Some of my most memorable moments were winning games without a full 15 people when we were still building our team.  Also, at the University of Kentucky invitational tournament when I lasted the last 7 minutes of the game against 8 Michigan State players when we were up one to earn the win in a game I tore my rotator cuff with 4 minutes left and threw underhand or left handed the last 4 minutes.  We eventually took 2nd place (the first invitational tournament trophies in SV history) and had an amazing trip that really bonded the core group of that first SVSU dodgeball team.  

National tournaments were my favorite games because we really came alive and played better when the stakes were higher including, a then SVSU best, of 3rd place my final year.  I also helped to recruit friends and fans to begin to pack the home games and helped birth "Death Valley" and some of my best memories were getting the crowd rocking with headshots, great catches, and suicide charges that sometimes didn't end in getting out at all.  Dodgeball at SVSU to me was more than just a game, it was a way to unite with teammates and become a family to each other while uniting the student population with another great sporting event and team that they could be proud of.  It was an amazing experience to be there from the very first steps of a program and to see it grow into the powerhouse it is today.  I was in constant contact with the guys on the team when we were able to see our dream of a National Championship become realized bringing this team to the pinnacle of the sport in such a short time.  Playing for SVSU Dodgeball has brought me some great moments, memories, and friendships that will live on forever.

Josh Brettrager
Delta College, 2007-2009
Saginaw Valley, 2009-2012

"I hope my presence impacted others' lives as much as theirs did mine."

Number: 33
Hometown: Chesaning, MI

Post Dodgeball: Life after dodgeball consists of working my butt off to rebuild my new house. My hobbies are shooting shit with my guns, collecting coins, and doing 12 ounce curls. "I believe when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade...and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party." -Ron White

My dodgeball career all started when my good friend Ryan Schian convinced me to go to an open practice held at the Center Courts tennis courts. All it took was one practice to get me hooked. Then I went to an actual practice at Delta and saw how much more serious it was than the week before. It was all uphill after that. The first two and a half years of my career were playing with Delta College. Ironically, Saginaw Valley was our enemy and boy was it a heated battle. Half way through my third year, Delta’s program was shut down. Since I was duel enrolled, I showed a couple weeks later to a SV practice. I honestly felt as though I wouldn't fit in because of our two teams past history, but I was extremely wrong. They accepted me as one of their own.

My 3rd most memorial game was the game after my 21st birthday where I had a very long and intoxicated night with no sleep and went right into the game against MSU still pretty drunk and played the best and one of the most intense game of my career. Pretty impressive because I party hard and most people couldn't even tie my drinking shoes. My 2nd most memorial game was in Bowling Green Ohio. The most accurate game of my career! Lets just say many guys (and 1 girl) were taking balls to the face. (13 in a double header). And my favorite and best memory of my dodgeball career was coming out of retirement for the second time in my career and winning our NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP "AS ONE". I honestly am so thankful for all the people I have met over the years. I hope my presence impacted others’ lives as much as theirs did mine. I love you all and you will always have a place in my heart.

Bryan Janick
Saginaw Valley, 2007-2012

 "It is an honor to be known as the 'Dodge Father'."

Number: 3
Hometown: East Tawas, MI

Post Dodgeball: Life after dodgeball, well, I am living in Alexandria, Virginia. I work as a federal police officer protecting the pentagon. I am engaged and getting married 10/10/2015.

I started the club in 2007. It all began when I went to Michigan State to watch the Michigan Dodgeball Cup. Ben Murphy, a friend I went to high school with, was the captain of the Delta Dodgeball Club. It was only weeks later after watching the awesomeness I decided to start the team at Saginaw Valley. I started it to bring a few people together who enjoyed playing Dodgeball. I never really thought the club would grow as fast as it did. I mean I put a lot of work into recruiting and trying to get people to come watch our games but to become known as "Death Valley", one of the most feared places to play, is beyond what I ever expected.

Some of the greatest dodgeball memories of mine we're winning the Detroit Shock Dodgeball Tournament on the floor at the Palace of Auburn Hills, knocking off our Delta College rivals and were announced at halftime of the Detroit Shock basketball game. Then there was the Kentucky Classic where we outscored opponents 20 something to 1, beating Grand Valley for the first time on our home court, shutting them out 3-0, and lastly, winning the Michigan Dodgeball Cup and National Championship in my last year at Saginaw Valley. My experience with Saginaw Valley Dodgeball is one that I will never forget. I'm pretty sure my throwing arm will never forget either, but the friends I made while I was at SV will last forever. It’s an honor to be known as the dodge father. "As One".

Spencer Jardine
Saginaw Valley, 2007-2014

"I will always be grateful for SV dodgeball helping me meet hundreds of amazing people and giving me a chance to visit dozens of new campuses and states I never would have had a chance to travel to."

Number: 77
Hometown: Walled Lake, MI

Post Dodgeball: Right now I am going to be attending Delta College Police Academy while continuing to live in Saginaw this year. I hope to continue to help the NCDA and SVSU Dodgeball team with their social media sites while continuing my career into professional dodgeball some day.

I joined a fledging SVSU Dodgeball team in 2007 as a freshman after hearing about the team during my orientation. In a long and storied 7 year career I left a big enough mark on college dodgeball to be called on of the “NCDA Gods” by my fellow players in the league.

After being recruited at the Fresh Start Orientation by Bryan Janick, I started going to practices and right off the bat I was hooked, not just on the sport or the competition, but the bond you instantly felt being around an amazing group of guys and gals. The first game I ever played in was vs GVSU in which we lost 12-0, only to have their JV team shut out our varsity roster 4-0 the game after. Despite the shellacking Grand Valley handed us, it really put a fire and drive into myself and the other players. We knew from that day on, we wanted to win a Championship for SVSU.

The following years we suffered losses in the Championship vs GVSU, got upset by Ohio State in the Elite 8 the next year, and then lost a heartbreaking Final 4 game to Central Michigan. During this time I had continued to become more involved in the NCDA and team as a leader on and off the court. With the “Dodge Father” Bryan Janick stepping down after the CMU game as Captain, I was picked by Jim Curtis, Jason Stein, and Bryan to take over as Captain of SVSU because of the drive and passion I had for SVSU Dodgeball.

I went in to the 2012 year with a massive amount of pressure placed on the team and me. Not only did I have to fill the shoes of Bryan, but SVSU was also hosting the National Tournament that year. If it wasn’t for Lindsay Maynard as my Vice President that year the tournament probably wouldn’t have been pulled off as well as it did. That season with the rally cry of “AS ONE” created by Jason and Jim the previous year our team started the year off on a tear. Sweeping the Michigan Dodgeball Cup, including being named tournament MVP, really made the year special for me. After a year of stressful planning and running the team, Nationals 2012 was upon us.

Seeing my team’s eyes Saturday morning I knew that even if we lost in double overtime in the Championship it was a bad year. Nothing but a Championship would be allowed. The tournament went off without a hitch and my team found itself in the Final Four in Overtime vs our rivals GVSU. It was the game and situation everyone at SV would have taken. OT with our fans behind us for a shot at the title against the greatest dodgeball franchise ever? You can’t dream of anything better. And to win by only 1 player was incredible. Still to this day I believe that 10 minutes of OT took off 10 years of my life. Then to defeat Kentucky in front of a packed Ryder Center gym like we did, and get voted the National Tournament MVP was just the icing on the cake. After we beat Kentucky, I was nowhere to be found shortly after the game…that’s because I had already walked off with 20 seconds left in the game into a side hallway and had my own Herb Brooks “Miracle” moment.

The emotional relief of everything, the planning, being Captain, every person you knew including family, and your school president watching your team all just came pouring out. I lost it right then and there, 5 years of hard work and dedication finally paid off at the perfect moment. It’s definitely one of the sweetest feelings I have ever had. And to be able to lead such an amazing group of men and women…40 years from now I will still remember every single one of those faces. I am grateful for every person who had a hand in making that year so amazing. Especially Lindsay Maynard, Bryan Janick, Ryan Schian, Jason Stein, and Max Siler for helping me lead the team to its first ever NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

After that year, I handed down the team to Max Siler and continued to play Dodgeball for twp more years making even more amazing memories. While we failed to capture another championship, I was incredibly proud of how we brought home a second MDC title and making it to the Championship game again in my last year. I will always be grateful for SV Dodgeball helping me meet hundreds of amazing people and giving me a chance to visit dozens of new campuses and states I never would have had a chance to travel to. The teammates and bond I shared with everyone over my seven years of playing is something I will never forget.

Ryan Schian
Delta College, 2007-2008
Saginaw Valley, 2008-2012

"Joing SVSU dodgeball my second year in college truly was one of the best choices I made in life because it goes much deeper than wins, losses, and trophies... you become family."

Number: 8
Hometown: Saginaw, MI

Post Dodgeball: I was number 8. I was hired with Birch Run Schools as a sixth grade Social Studies and Writing teacher. Since dodgeball I married my wife and am having a baby girl, Macie, who is due in September.

Fun Fact: A fun fact is I still play dodgeball with my students during my prep hour every Friday...passion for dodgeball doesn't die after graduation.

Bryan Janick saw me playing for Delta Dodgeball and recruited me to join SVSU when he saw me walking out to my car at SVSU.  He seemed like a really cool guy so I thought I would give it a shot and it opened the door to so many fantastic things that dodgeball has to offer. It is amazing how something as simple as a club sport can alter a college experience for the better.  It teaches you pride, teamwork, communication, discipline, goal setting, and character building. 

Going through college my first year not being involved in anything made for a miserable experience.  Joining SVSU dodgeball my second year in college truly was one of the best choices I made in life because it goes much deeper than wins, losses, and trophies…you become family.  You learn to depend on one another and build friendships both on and off of the court.  The experiences, relationships, and memories are a major perk of joining such a fantastic team.  The best moments of my career came with winning the Michigan Dodgeball Cup and the National Title during the 2011-2012 season. Some of my greatest accomplishments were holding the Assistant Captain position at SVSU for 4 years and being voted “Best Shadower/Blocker” 4 years in a row.

Jason Stein
Saginaw Valley, 2007-2012

"You become part of a team or family when everyone believes in one another/one goal, and the person next to you would die on the court for you."

Number: 1
Rochester, MI

Post Dodgeball: I am currently working as a Financial Planning Analysis Analyst at Ally Financial. I am working toward obtaining my MBA and getting married in August of 2015.

My roommate (Jim Curtis) and I saw a flyer, and went to a tryout with the team at a Saginaw Township Tennis Court. We showed up and we were decent players, and Bryan Janick told us that we should keep playing. We decided to keep playing and our first game was vs GVSU. We lost 11 or 12 to 0. They smoked us and it was ridiculously embarrassing how we felt after the game. There were many times Jim and I as roommates thought about quitting but we stuck it out because we had fun while we played. Over the years, we had a lot of athletic talent, but we never really had a team aspect. People wanted to just go out and throw a ball and were selfish, not caring about the team, myself included. It wasn’t until the team was captained by Bryan Janick, Jim Curtis, and Ryan Schian, that we started to play as a team. We came up with the slogan “As One” and decided that we would work as a team and take it as serious as possible. Jim Curtis and Ryan Schian were two of the people that made me realize what it takes to care more about the team than individual stats and I will never forget it. I’ve been called “Necklace boy”, “the most hated man in dodgeball”, and every name you can think of, but it wasn’t until my junior year that I actually realized what a team looked like.

You become part of a team or family when everyone believes in one another/one goal, and the person next to you would die on the court for you. That is what Jim and Ryan taught me and how Saginaw Valley State became a threat in the dodgeball world and became a powerhouse for years to come. Jim Curtis and Ryan were essential in the success of SVSU. The first time we ever beat GVSU at home was the moment I knew we had what it took to become great. That year we were devastated in the semifinals by CMU and I personally blew what could have been the game winning throw. I will never forget being caught by Pat Fischer in the semi-final game from 10 feet away when I should have hit him. It cost us a championship in my opinion. We ended up losing a close game and that was the crucial play. After that, I decided I’d play my senior year of college and not retire like I had planned. I dedicated myself to the team and was voted assistant captain. That year we kept the “As One” slogan and we hit milestone after milestone. No one expected us to win the MDC, but we did. No one expected us to beat GVSU in the semifinal, but we did. We thrived with the “As One” slogan and died for each other. I will never forget anyone I played with or that critical year that made us Champions. Dodgeball was the highlight of my college career and no one can ever take away our championship. SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY DODGEBALL CHAMPIONS!

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