2011-2012 NCDA Nationals

Some pictures of the teams and faces of the 2012 NCDA Nationals at Saginaw Valley State University
Arguably the most significant 2 minutes of the entire tournament. SVSU's overtime win against GVSU to go to the National Championship game.

News from the Team

          Wow. Just Wow. That's the word that comes to mind. It is still hard to wrap my head around the fact that after all of the blood, sweat, and tears this family has endured over the past year preparing and for some, the past five plus years, we finally were able to achieve that number one goal. We are freaking NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Not many college athletes have the privilege of being able to mutter those glorious words of pure victory.

           On the first day of the National Tournament, April 14, 2012, hosted on SVSU's home turf, the Cardinals played three games. The victims of SVSU's wrath were the University of Kentucky, the University of Western Illinois, and The Ohio State University. SVSU went undefeated on the first day giving up only one single game point. The Cardinals ended Saturday first in their pool 3-0.

            It was announced late Saturday night who the Cardinals would be facing in their first round of single game elimination on the second day of the National Tournament, Sunday, April 15, 2012. The University of Miami Ohio drew the short end of the stick and were set to face the undefeated Cardinals in the first round on Sunday. However, they did not show up on Sunday which gave the Cardinals their first win of the day by a forfeit.

            The Cardinals' second match up of the day was fellow Michigan resident team, Michigan State University. The Spartans always put up a good fight, however, they simply did not have what it took to beat SVSU, ultimately handing the Cardinals their second win of the day.

            My last post on here I said "Fuck You" to Grand Valley and that we would see them at Nationals when it really counted. Boy do I love being able to say I was right. In the Final Four round of the 2012 NCDA National Tournament, the Saginaw Valley Cardinals were set to play their long time cross state rivals, the Lakers of Grand Valley. In the backs of all of the players' minds, on both teams, this game was the National Championship game. Whoever won this game between SVSU and GVSU would be the eventual National Champions.

            This was certainly not the first match up of the season between these two teams. These two teams had previously met four times this season. The Lakers had beaten the Cardinals three of these four times. However, seemingly coincidentally so, the single time the Cardinals came out on top was in an overtime win in which the Cardinals won 2-1. They say history repeats itself, and luckily for the Cardinals history repeated the Cardinals' single win from earlier in the season. With a National Championship on the line, in the same fashion as before, the Cardinals beat the Lakers 2-1 in another overtime match decided by one single player.

             In the National Championship Game, the two final teams were the Wildcats from the University of Kentucky and your Cardinals from Saginaw Valley. Also coincidentally, the University of Kentucky was the first win for the Cardinals in the National Tournament and the same team was also the Cardinals last win in the National Tournament. Congratulations Saginaw Valley on your first ever NCDA National Championship.

Seniors this one was for you!

Thank you for your dedication and sticking around to make this National Championship victory a moment you and your teammates whom have become your family members will never ever forget!

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